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New Members "First Post"

Read this to get familiarized with the rules and forum workings

New Members "First Post"

Postby Altransit » Mon May 10, 2021 12:00 am

New members please note that your first post will need to be approved by the moderators. Ideally, make that first post as a greeting in the 'welcome' section where it will be quickly seen and approved when a moderator logs on 8)

Please wait for that approval to happen before making any further posts, because none of them will appear either, and they will all need separate approval before they do appear. This makes extra work for the moderators, which we don't really need :!:

Please DO NOT make your first post by tagging on to an old thread, because these don't show up to us as new posts, so aren't immediately visible to the moderators.
Posts such as these may take some time to be 'found' and approved :(

As a new member, you will not be able to send private messages until after you've been approved and made a few additional posts, but in any case, the private message facility SHOULD NOT be used to ask for technical help from another member, all requests for help should only be posted on the main forum in the appropriate section.
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