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FORUM RULES - General Posting Rules

Read this to get familiarized with the rules and forum workings

FORUM RULES - General Posting Rules

Postby Luke » Sun Apr 23, 2006 7:26 pm

1. No double posts - do not ask the same question in two separate forums, if you post the question in the wrong forum it will simply be moved to the correct one.

2. Insults - Please refrain from posting insults/sarcasm of any kind, if you are joking please try and make it clear of your intentions. If you are found to be insulting members and breaking the above rule, you will be warned, if it happens a second time it will be an instant ban (based on Moderators/Administrators overall decision)

3. No Bad language. if you must express anger with swearing use ‘*’ where necessary. We do have word sensors but anyone deliberately attempting to override them will be warned and if it continues they will be banned.

4. Please do not post topic titles and/or topic content containing words entirely of CAPITALS, this is considered bad net etiquette and is taken as shouting.

5. All users are required to have a working/valid email account, if it is found that you do not have a working email account your account will be suspended.

6. It is not acceptable to have naked women (or men) - or parts of naked people - in your avatar or signature images, or posts contained within any part of the Transit forum. The exception to this is in the jokes or videos section but please put a warning in the thread title eg. 18+

7. Offensive language or images are a no-go area. Also bear in mind what may not be offensive to you may well be offensive to others, so if it gets moved or deleted by Moderators or Administrators, it is due to a complaint or a feeling that it is UNACCEPTABLE. Administrators decision is final.

8. Please keep image dimensions reasonable, for Avatars an absolute maximum width of 150 pixels is allowed.

9. It is not acceptable to make any kind of threat or attack on another forum member. Anyone doing so will be banned.

10. No Links of a commercial advertising nature are allowed in your signature, for example pay per click referral sites - admin/ moderators decision is final.

11. Advisory : Having the van you drive in your signature (or avatar) is beneficial for technical queries, please keep this in mind.

Disclaimer accepts no responsibility for the content of postings in this forum. Postings should be considered the opinions only of the user who has posted them.
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