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FORUM RULES - Avatars and signatures

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FORUM RULES - Avatars and signatures

Postby Luke » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:08 pm


Ive noticed an increasing number of people are having images in there signatures! this will only cause a problem if they are too big! If this happens we will be forced to disable them! Some users are still on dial-up, including me when im at work!! :( and it wouldn't be fair to make the forum inaccessable to them!

This is an example of a perfectly sized image sig.

Image it belongs to Andyg :D

Image another good one from royspeed :D

Signature - Max size 600 x 150 pixels please :D

If you wish to have a larger image then do as i have done and link to an image!!

This is mine. :D

Ford Transit - "The Van you always promised yourself"
My Minibus or My Pick-up

No Links of a commercial advertising nature are allowed - admin/ moderators desicion is final :D


Avatars can be any size you wish - so long as they are less than 160pixels wide :P this is the limit and any increase over this will infringe on page size!
Anyone who goes over this will recieve a PM and if they dont reduce it, it will be removed!! :(

Here is an example of a perfectly sized avatar!
Image it belongs to FredTransit :D you may have noticed it before!! :lol:

To check the size of an image - right click over it - then click on properties - and its there - dimensions width x height!

For a step by step guide to putting an avatar on click here! :D

If you wish to have an avatar but can't work it out email the pic you require to but you must include your username then i will sort it :D
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