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Mk7 Jumbo 115 T350 for sale, £2850 - NOW SOLD

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Mk7 Jumbo 115 T350 for sale, £2850 - NOW SOLD

Postby marktownend » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:39 pm

Relisted as I've finally got some photos having lent it to another friend! Plus a couple of minor changes to the description. And a lower price!

See below for photos... (seems I can only upload 5, damn!).

Hi all, I'm selling my Mk7 Jumbo having bought a lovely Mk8 to replace it. It's old with high mileage but in exceptionally good condition and well maintained, with a new engine just 24000 miles ago. Hence why I'm asking a little more than some of the old dogs that are listed on ebay. It sailed through the MOT in September with the only failure having been the headlamp aim on one side. Even the MOT guy commented on how good it is. It's only done about 1000 miles since as it's been lent to a couple of friends for a few months and I'd have no hesitation in putting it in again straight away. Close enough to the asking price and I'll get it a fresh MOT. Just need notice to arrange someone to drive it for me as I'm no longer insured to drive it!

It's on here first as I know we're the sort of people who appreciate a well looked after Transit.

Located near Stockbridge in Hampshire.

I'll try to give you as much info as I can and describe it as accurately as I can - I don't want to waste anybody's time promising you a "mint condition, pulls like a train, (oh, apart from the dents, rust, knocking noises, smoke, bald tyres)" kind of van. It's not pristine, but it's certainly not a heap. I spent a long time finding the right one when I bought it and I'm quite fussy especially as I need a very presentable van for my work doing lighting for temporary events. I'm only selling it as I could afford the Mk8 and not because there's anything significantly wrong with it. It's been my own van for nearly 4 years, doing a mixture of motorway, A/B roads, tiny country lanes and relatively little urban driving, sometimes with a tonne of kit in the back but quite often completely empty as my own car.


Ford Transit Mk7 Jumbo 115 T350L
Reg 1/9/2008
284000 miles (but new engine at 260556)
Almost full service history
MOT expires 1/9/2019


New 1/9/2008, owned by a leasing company, operated by a small transport company who told me they'd mostly used it for moving tyres around the country (as evidenced by all the tyre marks on the ply lining which I painted over when I got it) so it wasn't doing multidrop. Plenty of paperwork from when they had it.
Nov 2011 sold @ 137k to a guy who clearly looked after it and told me he did general courier work and air conditioning fitting so nothing strenuous. Copies of quite a few invoices from his Ford dealer.
Sept 2012 sold @ approx 167k to the guy I bought it from who used it for wholesale newspaper deliveries (I think from the printworks to shops). He serviced it himself and there are copies of some invoices.
March 2015 I bought it @ 244k and have pretty much spent whatever I've needed to whenever it's needed it.
The engine went on me so I ended up spending £4400 in Sept 2016 @ 260556 to get a decent reconditioned unit put in having been advised to stay well clear of cheaper ones, so effectively it's got a nearly new engine. They also put a recon turbo and a new clutch in at the same time.
Last serviced 1/9/2017 @ 272k.
I'm not going to list everything it's ever had done to it, just to say I've got an organised file of history for it.


Generally very clean for the age, of course there's some rust showing but it's not a bucket (I'm told it's unusually clean underneath and it's only surface rust that's nothing serious). There's rust showing in the usual Transit places - driver's door sill, B pillar about 30cm above that, sill underneath side loading door, one small spot on the panel above the windscreen, a small spot on the front tip of the NSF wing and a more awkward bit immediately above the top left corner of the windscreen, all of which were there when I bought it and have only got a little worse, and it's also now just starting to show a few spots on both rear wheel arches.

One very minor scuff that's been touched up on the side panel above the OSR wheel arch which you've pretty much got to be looking for to notice, one shallow dent in the NSR door (likewise) and a shallow 4cm ding in the top corner of the NSF wing (with that rust spot). The front is painted white around the radiator, Ford badge and number plate (basically everything between the headlights, not sure if it came from the factory like this, but there's a slight crack and could do with a quick touch up if you're even fussier than me but it was like it when I bought it and has never bothered me. Other than that I think it really is only the most minor dings and scratches.
The fuel filling flap sometimes flaps open like many Transits because of the silly design of the plastic clip that's meant to hold it closed and always breaks.
Both front door seals can leak a little during torrential rain or jet washing.


The MOT had advisories for slight oil leak from the sump area (it doesn't drip anything though!) and the rear diff is apparently damp. I can't actually think of anything else that needs mentioning mechanically.
It's due an annual service and the service interval light is on as it evidently wasn't reset last time, it's only done 12k since.


The open door warning occasionally sounds the horn when you lock, but I find that just shutting the rear door a bit more firmly sorts it out, maybe I'm too gentle! Both the bulbs behind the heater controls have blown but having changed one when I first got the van I'm not doing it again, far too fiddly. It doesn't take long to learn where the controls are to use in the dark.


Again generally pretty tidy, there's a small patch where the floor's worn from boots getting in and out but the driver's seat isn't even ripped unlike most of them. The gear knob rotates on the gearstick in warm weather. One of the 4 air vents won't stay open. In the back the bulkhead isn't as battered as most, the ply lining is a bit worn but still better than many 3 year old vans and it's missing from the wheel arches but the actual arches are ok. The white paint I put around in the back could do with re-doing if you're ultra fussy.

Other bad points
Um, I think I've pretty much covered them all already!

Other good points
All 5 tyres are ok (roughly 3mm) so still have a few thousand miles left in them. Genuine Ford hubcaps all round which help it look a bit smarter.
3 keys including one remote.
New windscreen last year after a small crack from a stone from a car coming the other way so not a single chip as far as I'm aware.
Aftermarket reversing sensors with very useful meter to show how close you're getting to something. Just don't forget to allow 0.3m for the step!
Rear step fitted.


Overall this is a remarkably clean and tidy van - I've listed a lot of very minor points that many vans will have but the sellers won't bother telling you. It will be perfect for someone wanting a big van that's not been abused either for work or to convert into a camper. Yes it's done a lot of miles but as you can see from the history it's been well looked after and it's got a nearly new engine. I'd happily keep using it myself if I hadn't just replaced it with a 3 year old van that's only done 60k miles but cost about £10000 more than I'm selling this one for...

I'm not in any rush to sell it so no daft offers please, but of course I'm open to some sensible negotiation.

More photos are available to anyone genuinely interested. Oh, and of course I took the photos just after washing it so it was still drying out - that's what the streaks on the bumpers etc are!

I'm happy to answer any questions, fire away. PM me on here first please, preferably with your phone number.

Thanks for reading through my waffle!





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