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1968 Transit MK1 V4 for sale

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1968 Transit MK1 V4 for sale

Postby v4mk1 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:13 pm

Hi everyone,

Sadly, thinking of selling our Mk1 if offered a good price. Located in North England, near Manchester.

Here's a youtube video of him (including all his info): . If the link doesn't come up search youtube for the title of the video: '1968 Ford Transit MK1 V4' uploaded on 8th March 2020.

I'd really appreciate any expertise you can share with me, like how to value him and the best places to advertise. I've looked at other listings but can't find one quite like this to compare prices. I'm considering doing an auction on eBay with a reserve but I'm not sure if putting a time limit on the sale is a good idea or not. Like letting go of a family pet, it's important to me that he goes to a good home. As you can probably tell I'm a bit unsure about selling him but could do with the cash.

I'm also a total newbie to posting on forums so please let me know if I've done something wrong with this post.

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