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L Reg GL Minibus

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L Reg GL Minibus

Postby MinorMatt » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:48 am

I need to raise some funds and make some space for a new project... so this is for sale

L Reg GL 9 Seat Minibus, SWB Low Roof (Its the mk4 Tourneo GLX)
2.0 Pinto with power steering
Overall condition is pretty damn good. Interior is really tidy - with the exception that the middle row of seats had a rip and has been sewn up and the passenger wheel arch cover has a cut in it (I will replace this, or at least provide another one).
Rust wise - there is virtually nothing. The front wing and passenger rear arch have been replaced in the past, the drivers side one still needs to be done. Other than that it is an extremely solid vehicle!
The paint - well the least said about that the better. It looks good from 20ft away, but up close is a different matter. It really needs a proper respray.

Pics will follow later today.

Its available at £2800, with collection from Lechlade in Gloucstershire.

MOT runs out in a few days - but I will get a new one on it. I am not expecting any issues

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