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'74 Mk1 window bus, twin axle 2lV4 HC, engine, etc

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'74 Mk1 window bus, twin axle 2lV4 HC, engine, etc

Postby Rudz » Mon Nov 01, 2021 3:07 pm

Hello everybody - long time no read.
Don't have time any more for my Transit and am therefore selling:

Transit Mk1, 1974, 2lV4 Essex with high compression, long wheelbase (long axle ratio), twin axle, etc.

I am located near Munich, Germany.

Just a brief summary:
  • Original lacquer, only little rust.
  • 2l V4 Essex conversion to high compression was done with parts from a Capri 2000GT.
    Hardened valve seats, so no lead necessary. About 90 horse power, runs reliably - has a little more than 90.000 km.
    Together with cylinder heads, I exchanged the carburator, camshaft, etc.
  • Read axle was changed to long ratio, so it runs relatively silently, and travel speed of 100 km/h is no problem.
    Because of the changed rear axle, it shows less than 80.000 km, but I have documented everything.
  • I just went through "TÜV", and it is allowed to drive for another two years. As it is registered as an old-time, you can even enter all cities, etc.
  • On the inside it has wooden boxes on either side that can be connected to a large sleeping surface - or used to sit on with a table, that is also included.
  • It also comes with curtains to block out light and interested people...

The Transit is now 47 years old, and does of course have its issues. The most obvious ones, I list below:
  • I haven't optimised ignition and carburator for quite some time and it sometimes has issues starting when it is cold and wet - after it has not been used for a while.
  • I have only one set of keys and the rear door can only be opened from inside.
  • the front left indicator currently only works when it is warm and dry ;o)
  • the left mirror has cracks - vandals recently must have hit it, as it is not standing outside.
  • it has the usual electrical contact problems to the speed/miles indicator unit.
  • It looses a little oil here and there.
  • Some scratches and small dents here and there - but what do you expect with that age.
  • There are certainly more, and I will honestly tell you about them when we talk about it - and help solving them even after selling it.

It comes together with a lot of spares and equipment - and some unfinished projects:
  • Overdrive gear box - I have an overdrive gear box that can be fitted (as has been described here in the forum).
    The gear box was however damaged (just the housing) in transport - and I bought another regular gear box that can be converted to the overdrive version with parts from the overdrive. Should be straight forward - but will take some time.
  • I should also still have a spare front axle with disc brakes. It needs to be refurbished.
  • Spare fenders, one (left) dented, one (right) ok, and another one from Motomobil, but that was not formed nicely.
  • All kinds of other spares - parts from the old cylinder heads, mirrors, air filter, ...
  • Documentation: a number of books on Transit Mk1 and Capri.
  • A simple rain roof that can be connected to the rain gutter should also still be there.
  • ...

My Transit always served me well - took me to Portugal and other places. In the last 10 years or so it went no further than Elsass.
I did not have to do any work on the body, and there is only little rust and little signs of rust
The original lacquer is also still good - I had polished it for our marriage about 9 years ago, and that should be possible again.

I will attach a few pictures later that I took yesterday. More available on request.
The Transit drives well, but could need some tender loving care - especially before taking it to the UK from Bavaria, you would want to optimise and tweak a few things. In general it should not be a problem, though.
I am asking 9900 € - and will lower the price only if I cannot sell it for that amount.
That's a lot of money, but seeing current prices for other Transits, that's what I would start with.
As I would love to find a good new and loving home for it, I might lower the price a bit for the right buyer, too. We'll see.

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