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Thinking of selling my 190s (not a for sale post)

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Thinking of selling my 190s (not a for sale post)

Postby jimllshiftit » Sat Oct 01, 2022 6:20 pm

after a 20+ love affair with the 190 I have almost reached the conclusion that I just don't need them anymore. They are still the best workhorse ever, certainly in comparison to modern guff, but my work life has changed so with regret, i think all my 190 stuff will be going soon..... and no doubt all this stuff will become collectible shortly after its all gone from here.

Ive got a complete 190 High Top. 1997 NA 'nana. Was on the road until about 18 months ago.
Also there is another 190 Semi shell which is in very good order although some welding is needed in the cab floor. All the usual rot spots are remarkably solid and original too. VIN and reg number present but no V5. Think its a N reg from memory.
On top of that theres a load on new panels, two engines, several gearboxes, loads of wheels, a fantastic condition captains seat and probably more to add to the list yet.

As above this is not a for sale post as im not ready for any of this stuff to go yet but if youre interested keep your eyes open on the usual platforms.
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