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Sell all Transit Vans, Pickups, New and Old Here! [No Trade Ads]

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Postby Luke » Fri Oct 06, 2006 6:01 pm

Feel free to advertise transits here!! - no charge for private adds! 8)

like it says transits only if you are advertising a non transit post it in non transit talk! :D

Trade adverts PM me first or they will be removed!

adverts are automatically removed after a 6 months so if your van is still for sale reply to the post before then to stop your advert being erased!!

Also post as much detail in the title as possable ie. what year van etc. dont just put Transit for sale :roll:

Remember to put your location!! the easy way to do this is to edit your profile about halfway down the page it says Location: write it in there!!! :D

NOTE:- No Ebay Links all parts on Ebay must go in the Ebay section!!
If you list your van on ebay the post you make in this section will bemoved to the Ebay section :D

Replying to posts

Do not reply to an advert if you arn't interested in purchasing :!: Don't post to say the price is too high - if its too high it wont sell - simple, if somone posts in a different section asking your opinion on a van for sale in here then by all means give it there! but not by repling here :D

If you don't want any replies to your advert PM a moderator and they will lock the post :D
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