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Wanted: MK7 crewcab LWB HR FWD sub 100k miles

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:46 am
by GuyT
As it says in the title Im looking for a MK7 crewcab LWB HR ideally FWD in sound mechanical condition and ideally less than 100k miles. The key element is the crewcab and being mechanically sound, I can do bodywork to some extent but I’m no mechanic. I’m looking to convert this into a work/day/camper van.

If anyone has anything suitable please PM me. Im based in the SE but I’m willing to travel for the right vehicle naturally. I’m looking at Blackbushe (BCA) auctions and have an eye on autotrader too but if anyone has any additional suggestions of where to look please let me know.