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Transit Custom DCiV 170hp wanted

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:58 am
by grantm
I am looking to purchase and import to NZ an L1H1 170HP manual Dciv Transit Custom - or would consider a Tourneo.
I already have a shipping agent - out of Felixstowe.
It must be 2018 or later as I want the Sync 3 system...and low miles - anything up to 15k miles considered.
( NZ has strict corrosion import laws so it must have NO salt corrosion - unlikely in a near new van )
Dont mind what colour so long as its not white or black.
due to 12 hrs time difference phone is a bit tricky but your early morning is my evening and im up till 11 most nights
if you call. ph is

in case anyone womders, the reason I have to import one is there are not yet any DCiV's in NZ - Ford are selling them sometime in 2020 BUT only in LWB
and only in auto ..they have refused to look at L1 and manual I thats why I will import one. Tourneo's are also only in LWB in NZ .