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Transit wanted under £3000

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Transit wanted under £3000

Postby ELIMINATORGUY » Fri Apr 05, 2024 11:34 pm

Ok so I haven't got much money and I don't use my transit for work, I'm disabled and only use it to go out metal detecting as I find it easier to drive than a car and I can get changed in the back.
I've had my 2008 T280 for about 5 years and the last year changed all the front suspension and drive shafts trying to stop a knocking noise, but I give up, I can't find it, so is there any SWB, Low Roof transits out there with a few things I'd like I've never had before.
Electric windows
Air conditioning
I'd like to stick with the 2.2 engine as I've seen a lot of 2.0 but they all blown up by something called wet belt or something so would like to stick with the 2.2 I've had for years, my 8 would be amazing, but we'll looked after mk7 would be fine.
I'm in Merseyside and can travel up to an hour or so away if you have a van suitable?
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Re: Transit wanted under £3000

Postby andz327 » Fri Apr 26, 2024 9:12 am

£3000 will get you a non runner, I'd stick with what you have
Dose your rattle/knock stop when your braking ? Caliper slides wear and calliper rattles about on them and can sound dreadful

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Re: Transit wanted under £3000

Postby MinorMatt » Wed May 15, 2024 2:30 pm

Its not really what you want - and I acknowledge that but it gives an idea of prices....

I have a 2006 mk7 2.4 RWD MWB T350 Mid Roof with a roof rack. Its being MOT'd tomorrow, then im lending it to a mate for a week and then I am selling it.

Its got just under 190,000 miles, is absolutely billy basic spec but mechanically is good, bodily its a bit bashed and has been welded but is solid. Its an ex builders van so its really dusty in the back.

Its had a new timing chain and tensioners, injectors, alternator, EGR and numerous other bits in the last year, and a new clutch (with the previous owner) about 10,000 miles ago. It will also be serviced before sale.

Its a 56 plate so benefits from the cheap road tax (£140/yr as opposed to £400 ish - a saving of £260 compared with a later one at point of sale and every year after).

Im going to be looking at £2500.

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