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Mk1 LWB twin wheel diesel (bull nose) panel, twin rear doors

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Re: Mk1 LWB twin wheel diesel (bull nose) panel, twin rear d

Postby consul315 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:22 pm

not sure if you got my pm so here some further description:

i bought the Transit for my collection of British Fords on the phone as the seller told me that it was English built: there is both (England and Germany) written in the Austrian V5 ( he didn t have the van at home to have a look what position the dizzy is. )

when i drove it home the wheel gears failed, a quite common fault on German V4 engines. (as most of you will know ,Germans were never the ones to build real quality cars, which is proved daily when i see Audi´s ,Bmw´s and other German crap broken down on the motorway waiting for recovery).

as this van is bodywise very sound it would be best for an engine conversion (perhaps 3 litre Essex?) but this is not allowed in my country, so i would have to stay with the weak, lot of fuel drinking , construction failure German V4).

i m in UK several times a year but can t bring it myself as it doesn t fit on my trailor (too heavy and bulky).

if you remove all the fire engine stuff (roofrack, lamp-post, horns) and repaint it , it would make a nice eyecatcher, but nothing for my British-collection of course.
the interior is very clean as well, as you´d expect for a 30´km´s car, but of course be aware that it´s 38 years old (built in 1972 so should be tax-exempt).

in case you need any special pics please tell me and i try to send some! cheers consul315
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Re: Mk1 LWB twin wheel diesel (bull nose) panel, twin rear d

Postby jawor88 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:17 pm


Mr. Consul , Have You still got this mk1 van ?

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