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BIG roofrack for LWB tranny

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BIG roofrack for LWB tranny

Postby djbzentertainment » Thu May 03, 2007 2:13 pm

On tuesday i will be picking up my ebay purchase (P reg LWB tranny) and its got a full length roofrack (gutter mounted) on it. It is made from mild steel box section and lets just say it needs a good rub down and a coat of paint. Does anybody want it for a modest fee before i chuck it in ebay? Was thinking £40.00. Problem is it won't be available till Wednesday next week (9.5.07) its too big to post, you'll have to collect it and it will be in Bradford (cos am taking it off at work and not taking it home). Chuck me a PM if interested.

Thanks, Bob.
I don't think this is gonna fit on the drive luv. Oops, i've reversed into the porch. Well, i was right wasn't i?
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