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For Sale: 4.63 Six Stud Axle - MK3 I think...

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For Sale: 4.63 Six Stud Axle - MK3 I think...

Postby lardster11 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi All

This has been sitting down the garden at the folks' for too long - bought to use the 4.63 ratio in my MK5, but never got around to stripping it. Got a 4.63 MK5 axle in anyway now, so this is very much surplus!

I believe it's either a MK3 or MK4 single wheel 150/190 axle, as the damper mounts are much closer together than they are on the MK5.

I have no idea if it's noisy or not, I bought it unseen, and never even fitted it!

As you can see, the pallet it was on has returned to the earth... It's heavy and will take some moving!

Not sure how rare and/or in demand these are these days. Does £100 sound reasonable? Collection only! No deliveries!!!

I'm in Rugeley, Staffs if it's any use to anyone!

Pics below, assuming they work. I'm afraid I can't make out the number on the plate, but you can see the 4.63 bit!





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