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MK4 smiley project

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MK4 smiley project

Postby Faulkenauto17 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:36 pm

brand new to the forum so apologies if this is formatted incorrectly or in the wrong section and so on ....

Picked up my first Mk4 smiley about a week ago now. Tested and good to go with low miles for a tranny (178k), paperwork and history on a straight swap for a focus i bought for 150 quid ! - all in all quite pleased !!

previous owner has put a bed in the back and some shelving (shelves have now been smacked out). Full 240v electrics in the back, 110v socket on the outside, large leisure battery under the front seat.

This week i have had the inlet manifold, air intake and EGR off for a much needed de-gunk

Plans are to make this into my daily work van (im a mobile mechanic) - full toolboxes, storage etc etc in the back and company logos on the side. Get rid of the Effing stickers on the side and give her a full coat of matt black all round, bull bars, LED rails on front and work spots on the rear with beacons and possibly even change the exhaust to a side stack - want her to stand out and grab as much attention as possible (whilst also being cool as a penguins ball sack)

Any input/ideas/advice/criticism welcomed !!
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