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CONNECT 1.8 TDDI engine and parts

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CONNECT 1.8 TDDI engine and parts

Postby RobK69 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:51 pm

Hi all, I used to frequent this forum many years ago!

I had a transit connect.

For sale I have a completely stripped engine and virtually all the parts/ gaskets to rebuild it. The block is bolted to an a rotating engine table/ stand.

Is there people still using the TDDI engine? I need to dig out info etc but from memory the engine parts were taken to a local (considered good) engine building company.

They stripped and rebuilt the head. Provided at engine gaskets and new bearings. They checked everything, nothing needed re grinding etc and all bearings were standard (not oversized).

They honed the notes etc. The engine has been kept wiped in oil and although has been stood many years will still be in good condition.

The head rebuild/ component check and gaskets/ head bolts/ etc etc cost towards £900. Obviously there is an engine in bit, I think I also bought a new chain set for the rebuild.

Basically the hire van costs were to much so I bought another van and it never got rebuilt.

At the time I was working for myself, I then took a job with a company and they forced a company van onto me.

I can get pictures and double check the parts etc, the engine table can go with it.

Anyone interested? What's it all worth? Make me an offer?

Rob Kelly, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
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