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Transitmania 5 - Show and shine results

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Transitmania 5 - Show and shine results

Postby Luke » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:52 pm

1st - Stuart Waldron
2nd - Michael Jarvis

1st - Luke Wildsmith
2nd - Debbie Hannah
3rd - Andy Hannah

1st - Alan Nightingale
2nd - Billy Heath
3rd - Tony Spinner
4th - Laura Nash

1st - Nick Spinner
2nd - Ade Green
3rd - Jamie Smith
4th - Pat Stevens

1st - Martin Smith
2nd - Mark Williamson
3rd - Ian Davies
4th - Stuart Beckitt

1st - Chris Wilkinson
2nd - Simon Matthews
3rd - Adam Hartley
4th - Arnie Mullins

1st - Paul Hayes
2nd - Harry Wilding

Modified Transit
1st - Nick Spinner
2nd - Pat Stevens

Working Transit
1st - Chris Wilkinson
2nd - Charles Fulbrook

Standard Transit
1st - Andy G
2nd - Bob Goodwin

Best Camper
1st - William Lyno
2nd - Laura Nash

Best Interior
1st - Mick Sheppard
2nd - Damien Coombs

Sound off
1st - Gurj Singh
2nd - Guy Rowbottom

Best of Show
Nick Spinner

Well done to everyone taking part the standards are always getting higher, there were loads of vans there worthy of a trophy that didn't receive one! The new voting system was a little complicated i realise so we'll be altering it for next year to make it simpler to understand :D

We'll get some pictures up of all the winners with their vans on the transitmania website as soon as we can -
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