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Transitmania at night!

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Transitmania at night!

Postby Luke » Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:39 pm

For the benefit of anyone who hasn't been to Transitmania before on friday and saturday evening/night we have a disco/campfire 8) 8)

basically Mealic is the DJ he has everything from Abba to ZZtop (providing its 70's rock :mrgreen: ) we have this in the main marquee (if it rains) or outside the marquee if its nice :D we usually kick it off around 7-8:00pm :D

Martin (of martini transit fame) takes care of the fire - but contributions of firewood greatly received - especially if its cold :lol:

EVERYONE is welcome to come and sit round the fire :D - bring your own chair (and beverage of choice) sit down and enjoy 8) - if you want to sit in your own private group that's fine but don't feel that your not welcome round the fire and in the marquee :mrgreen:
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