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The Aim

Get more power. What to actually do? Turn up the mid range fuelling and sort the EGR bottleneck.

Tools needed

  • Very small jewellers flat screwdriver
  • 13mm standard depth socket
  • Socket driver
  • 4mm Allen key
  • Medium sized flat bladed screwdriver
  • Cable ties

Step 1

Locate Fuel pump...not such a silly statement Using the jewellers screwdriver S-L-O-W-L-Y prise all around the silver cap, do this fast and the cap will be badly deformed take your time and it comes off easily and undamaged.

Note where the allen headed bolt is...use tippex if needed (an untouched pump will already have the antitamper paint on it) most will not move but mark it to be sure, so you can tell where it began postion wise if it moves.

Take a 13mm socket and driver and gently crack the thread, once the locking nut is loose use your fingers to gently remove the nut.


Now use a 4mm allen key and turn clockwise up to 2 complete turns NO MORE THAN 2 TURNS !!

Replace locking nut and tighten down with the driver. Replace cap. Should you be wary of a full 2 turns (clockwise) then leave the cap off and somewhere safe and only do 1 turn or 1.5 or 1.25 choice is yours and then run the engine (on the road) and decide if you want more or less oomph! When you are happy with the performance gains replace the cap.


Lots of different ways to do this and many conflicting ideas, this is the simplest and most hassle free. Using the flat screwdriver lever off the linkage bar at both very careful as the ends are plastic and can break and a main dealers are going to be expensive.

Again using the screwdriver remove the large rubber hose so you can see the EGR flap. Move the actuator plate until it horizontal and then cable tie this in place. Be careful as you can overdo this and the flap will go closed if you lever too much but when set as pictured it will all hold together great.


Don't be tempted to clean out all the soot other than perhaps a dust down with the flap closed as the system could get through to the injectors and possible clog them. The benifit of doing it like this is that the vacum/pressure is gone so no need to blank off hoses or pipes. If you have the chance get an MOT station to do an emissions test with the flap like this...if it proves to be too high then you have the linkage to pop it all back at MOT time (this is why you must be careful with the plastic end caps). Replace large hose That's it you are now all set! You can of course remove the EGR assembly and clean it out using cleaning products etc etc but this way is simple it works so why over complicate a simple job. My thanks to Daveathome for the talk through with this, My Transit is now a transformed machine and actually moves when I press my foot down not thinking first like it was. I myself have only turned the allen key 1.25 turns, but the power gains were huge. The standing advice of no more than 2 turns of the allen key I will repeat to totally err on the side of caution. I hope this thread is helpful to you all, as I have been spending more than a few hours trying to collate all the information. In total the job took 10 mins tops, this thread took longer to write than do the job. The only addition to this is that I have also used the 'ball bearing mod' to cut all the vaccum to the EGR, it DOES increase the engine noise....(induction roar) but it pulls better than 'just' what is contained in the thread. I noticed zero difference with any smoke as this is one of the benifits alledged to be gained by using the ball bearing, along with slightly more power which IS gained. Though probably not related my oil consumption has appeared to drop?? I was topping up every so often but very little in the grand scheme of things now it is just a check of the oil and not having to add any so maybe it has had this side effect...I do doubt it but who knows for sure? By way of experimentation I replaced the Air induction flap operating rod which dropped the noise BUT the power went down...ok the power was still above 'stock' but I had got used to the power plus the rod being in place increased the foot pedal pressure so made for driving more of a thinking process, put it all back as per the thread and now it is smiles again. Ball Bearing Mod, Click Here To See Note this listing WILL end but check on the sellers other items as the 'mod' is pretty universal so other makes being listed 'shouldn't' be an issue (if the listing link is dead) of course you can always ask the seller if he has any of the Transit sized ball bearings in stock. this incidently is the cheapest I have seen for this 'mod'. My purchase was £3.50 plus £1.50 postage.


Article written by MarkM