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Converting Ford Transit front hubs to fit any wheels you want!

Since the Transit van was introduced in 1965 people have been customising them, alloy wheels has always been a popular option. Unfortunalty the transit has a PCD (thats pitch circle diameter) of 160mm x 5 shared only with the Tata. so alloy wheel choice has been very restrictive.

The most common way to fit alloys of a different PCD is to have adapters made (information on adapters can be found elsewhere on this site), an adapter is a block of metal that bolts to the Transit hubs and has studs which match the new wheel. There are a few problems with this,

How to fit a 24v cosworth engine in a transit van

please note this is an unfinised article !!!

This is how to fit a cosworth engine into a transit van

Hopefully this guide will help out anyone wanting to fit a 24v cosworth engine into a Transit, and why not? 200bhp from an engine that can be found in a £300 car......... go grab a granny while you still can.

How to get the power up - MK5 Di

The Aim

Get more power. What to actually do? Turn up the mid range fuelling and sort the EGR bottleneck.

Tools needed

  • Very small jewellers flat screwdriver
  • 13mm standard depth socket
  • Socket driver
  • 4mm Allen key
  • Medium sized flat bladed screwdriver
  • Cable ties

Step 1

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